For people who have known Gary Johnston for any length of time, few would disagree that the word "failure" does not exist in his vocabulary. When he played on a school, university, club, sub-union, provincial or national team Johnston thought that winning was the only option. Johnston was an outstanding player and captain for his club, James Bay Athletic Association, British Columbia and for Canada, though he only received one cap, in 1978 against France. With his ongoing knowledge, determination and dedication, Johnston convinced players how the game should be played in order for them to finish with more points than opponents at the final whistle.
He has always been a deep thinker and willing to experiment with tactics. When Johnston became a coach, he applied many of the lessons he learned as a player and always wanted to be on the leading edge in this position. He has influenced players and coaches in both British Columbia and in Canada and the phrase "you cannot argue with success" applies to Johnston. He was Canada's first World Cup coach and his provincial teams have won national championships at the Under 19 and senior levels. His Oak Bay School has won five provincial titles. He has presided over James Bay Athletic Association and sits on the BC Schools committee. After a time away the national scene, he surfaced as an assistant coach with the senior men's team at the 2003 World Cup and head coach of Under 19 team in Ireland in 2007. All in all, Gary Johnston has had an illustrious career.
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